The blog has no value if you are looking for my academic projects it is my experience abouts PC building. Can be useful to make good decisions about your consumer level PC upgrade choices as long as the blog’s hardware stays relavant. And also its from a noob so don’t take it for granted always cross verify.

General suggestion always Check for this(in the order)

  • Modularity and PSU rating
  • PCI lane capacities
  • Progamability
  • Connectivity

Correcting the Mistakes

After realizing the mistake I made, I decided to get a Nvidia GPU, the only option I had at that point was a budget of INR 20-24k if I sell of the older Vega 64 at 25k. I was searching through internet and found a random 3rd party used hardward site techenclave where I found a seller who was selling mined GTX 1080 Ti for a INR 30k each.

Well, 1080Ti significantly better than a RTX 2060 which was falling in my budget, perhaps it is on par with RTX 2080 when looked without Raytracing. So, I have decided to check the degradation due to mining.

Well the Myth says! MINED CARDS LOOSE their LIFE! I don't believe that, As long as the card is in warranty you are safe. The card can endure as much as abuse as any task, be it mining or deep learning. For instance, render farms and machine learning servers also run 24x7, you don’t see any significant decrease in performance. Only reason a card performing lower is due to its thermal glue being exhausted which can be replaced with ease.

Leap of Faith Informed Leap

I got a MSI GTX 1080TI it was used for a couple of months after which crypto fell and the seller was selling a INR 67k card for a price of INR 30k and the I was getting a manufacturer warranty of 1.5 years. Quickly, I grabbed one.

Luckly, I did not spend a penny on the swap from Vega 64 to GTX 1080ti. Two factors added to this, I bought the card at a lower price of INR 30k(cause of an offer) which is usually 35k-40k. Secondl, when I tried re-selling the card at 30k someone immediately grabbed it with out bargain as the prices rose up again saving me from loss.

Finally it looked something like this.!

Well I tried vertically mounting it, but the problem was the hot air from the GPU was hitting the glass panel of the PC, for which I had to re-orient it and put it in default configuration horizontally.

It looked like this finally

The covering/sleeving on the cables is a different story all together.