The blog has no value if you are looking for my academic projects it is my experience abouts PC building. Can be useful to make good decisions about your consumer level PC upgrade choices as long as the blog’s hardware stays relavant. And also its from a noob so don’t take it for granted always cross verify.

General suggestion always Check for this(in the order)

  • Modularity and PSU rating
  • PCI lane capacities
  • Progamability
  • Connectivity

Can I make it more aesthetically pleasing?

Well, it was COVID, I needed some hobby apart from the regular research and coursework. So I deciced to make the sleeving of the cables more pleasing. I was motivated by this video and wanted to replicate at-least few of its features (“Aesthetic”).



With some internet search I found I need the following:

  • MDPC-X CTX3 Crimping Tool
  • ATX Crimp Terminal pin
  • ATX Sockets
    • 8 PIN and 4 PIN
    • 24 PIN ATX power
    • 6 + 2 PIN for PCIE
  • SATA Crimp Terminals
  • SATA Sockets
  • Wire striper.
  • 16 AWG or 18 AWG wire
  • Heat sink
  • Sleeves

    Now comes the problem!

Getting these part in India is a tedious task, as the cost of shipping was higher than the product’s price. Secondly, locally buying them in India had different issue altogether. Mainly because the most online youtubers have a wierd way of naming the items based on their use-case or company name for example, Velcro Straps are nothing but a hook-and-loop fastener, which is available in India by a different company, but all youtubers use the company name as product name. The statement is not to discriminate them but to point one small issue which caused additional delay in my case.

OK! What is the problem?

MDPCS-X does not ship to India even if it ships the shipping cost is more than the product cost. So I can not get any of the tool above apart from the 16AWG wire which converts to cros-sectional format in India and the Wire Stripper

What to do then?

I understood that I need to search for the data-sheet of the equipment. With vigorous search on reddit and linustechtips-forums, The Requirement list translates to:

Finally the products are here: (Couple of images from them are from Internet as I could not find them in my gallery (SATA and SN28B))

Now we have raw materials what to do about the wiring?.!

Well we need the circuit diagrams to create the cables again. Well, we could use the circuit diagram provided by Cooler Master or respective vendors. But I noticed that websites wont update their Circuits for every rev (revision) of the SMPS. So I though it is better to check the wiring by myself. I used a multimeter to check the connectivity.

For CM MWE 650 Gold: I got the following circuitry.

Additionally, one can use hook and fastening straps (Velcro strap) and cable combs for more pleasing look.

Finally results looks like this