The blog has no value if you are looking for my academic projects it is my experience abouts PC building. Can be useful to make good decisions about your consumer level PC upgrade choices as long as the blog’s hardware stays relavant. And also its from a noob so don’t take it for granted always cross verify.

General suggestion always Check for this(in the order)

  • Modularity and PSU rating
  • PCI lane capacities
  • Progamability
  • Connectivity

Release of RTX3000

When Nvidia CEO Jensen announced, RTX 3000, it was clear that the gaming industry is going through a major shift from raster based graphics to mixed ray tracing and rasterization. The performance uplift was massive almost 1.5-2x over the previous generation flagship 2080Ti but at price half of it.

Panic buying 3080s

With new hardware launch and shortage of the GPU due to COVID, getting hold of a 3080 at an un-scalped price was a dream. I panicked and pre-ordered a MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 which was costing around INR 73K. Since I was staying at home and no expenditure was made, I stacked up around 50K from the stipend I recieve from the University. Unfortunately, it did not arrive on the promised date, I was worried and pre-ordered another Nvidia Founder's edition card from the NVIDIA’s official vendor. Luckily it arrived in 2 days.

Now, I had to cancel the MSI card, but unfortunately it was also shipped and I was having two cards at the same time. Irony here was people all over the world were struggling to get hold of atleast one (even at scalped prices) while I had 2 at hand without over-paying. Once both cards arrived, I had a chance to compare them. Though there was no difference in performance, the difference in the appearance and size of MSI and Founders cards was massive.

I decided to keep the Founders Card as the body was fully made of metal and the heat dissipation was much more efficient than the other. I sold the MSI card to another person at the same price I got it for, surprisingly the buyer was ready pay extra, due to the shortage of GPUs.

I also upgraded my CPU to a Ryzen 5600X as the RTX 3080 GPU was was throttling due to the performance of Ryzen 3600.

Note when changing a CPU!

NEVER PULL THE CPU Cooler, instead TWIST gently. PULLING WILL MAKE THE CPU STICK TO THE COOLER. This is due to the thermal paste or glue, twisting helps here greatly.

Along with these I also helped my brother build one for himself. This time I did not overspend on Motherboards.

My final PC Build Photos

My brother’s PC Build Photos

I also had a chance to get hold of a 3090 when I move back to College in 2021.

Difference between two:

Most of my code at IIITH is either on machine with RTX 3080 or machine with RTX 3090.